Q&A: Bronwyn Davies

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Bronwyn Davies directed 2020 WMFF features “women you wont see on tv”, a short film about the women who won’t go on to the olympics or break any world records, but who enjoy being physically active in their own way. We asked her a few questions, see our Q&A conversation below:

What is in your gear bag/kit?

For my short film we shot using a Red Epic-W body with a set of Canon lenses. We also had a Ronin R2 for the buttery smooth tracking shots. That being said, shooting handheld is always a personal favourite of mine since it allows the most freedom in getting a crazy amount of different shots.

What item can you not live without?


Without a doubt I would not survive a day without my fanny pack on set. It holds extra pens, my shotlist, tape, lens wipes and most importantly: SNACKS! 10/10 would recommend.

How do you choose music for your films?

Depends on the budget! In all honesty I’ve had a lot of success with online platforms such as MusicBed but also nothing can compare to creating an original track with a musician. It’s art creating more art!

Most necessary character-quality for a director?

A positive attitude. Director’s are the sole leaders of a team and everyone on set looks to them to set the standard for behaviour. If the director is always gloomy, pessimistic, has low morale, etc, so will everyone else on set. Having a positive attitude and a contagious passion can inspire people to always give their best effort and is one of the many ways a director can lead by example.

Who has been most influential in your directing career?


There’s two answers to that question. Firstly: Lauren Sick & Alma Har’el – everything they touch is gold. Both of them don’t let the constraints of genre influence their narratives and they both have done amazing work showcasing female athletes. Secondly: my team at The Heist. They constantly push me and encourage me to try everything and anything. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

Favorite on-set memory?

Getting to see all the amazing women (who donated their time completely for free!) doing the sports and activities that they love was truly a pleasure to witness. Regardless of if they were World Champions, Ironpeople, a mom of three or a local soccer beer league participant, each and every woman shared an inspiring passion for being active.

Craziest on-set/en route to set adventure?

We filmed in 10 locations in one day. If you’re familiar with knowing what it takes to accomplish a company move you know that it doesn’t get much crazier than that!

More About Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn is an up-and-coming Canadian Director currently working at local Vancouver production company, The Heist.


An advocate for women in film, Bronwyn shows her passion for equal representation and new, unique stories in every project she touches. She sees the gap in content and is dedicated to making films that are female driven and spark active change.