Q&A: Eike Köhler

Interested in attending the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival?

Eike Köhler directed 2020 WMFF feature “Klarälven: From Source to Sea,” an adventure of three friends hitchhiking to the source of Sweden’s longest river. We asked him a few questions, see our Q&A conversation below:

What is in your gear bag/kit?


For “Klarälven: From Source to Sea“, my main camera used was a Panasonic GH5 with a Leica 50-200 mm and Sigma 13-35 mm. Also had a DJI Mavic Pro, GoPros and a Sony a6000 in an underwater case. Getting proper sound on water was crucial. Therefor I used waterproof lavalier mics and a Zoom H1 in a waterproof bag.

Craziest on-set/en route to set adventure?

We were carrying our kayaks over land, because the whitewater was too crazy. Out of nothing one of the little kayak trailers broke and we found ourself in the woods with heavy kayak – kilometers away from water on a gravel road. After an hour guys from the local rafting company approached with their cars and we put out the thumb for hitchhiking. They were extremely generous and took us to the next town. You can see this in our film.

More About Eike Köhler

Born in 1993 in Kiel. From 2014 to 2017 studied media informatics with focus on film at the University of Flensburg. While studying, numerous documentary films, portraying films and short films.
Currently working for the national television.
Eike Köhler lives in Kiel and Hamburg, Germany.