WMA x Intermountain 2020

March 19, 2020 6:00—9:00pm | Peery’s Egyptian Theater
2415 Washington Blvd, Ogden, Utah 84401

We are excited to be bringing Wasatch Mountain Arts film screening to Intermountain in March off 2020.

Evening will include a Speaker Presentation:
Captain Breezy Grenier of Breezy SEAS
(Science, Exploration, & Academic Support)

As well as Screening of these Films:

Nature Needs You       |       Big World       |       Ode to Muir


Nature Needs You

While industrial resource developments continue to put at risk our natural and cultural significance, people across Australia are standing their ground for nature. These everyday Australians take extraordinary steps toward working with their communities to minimize the impacts of climate change on these places by keeping oil, coal and gas in the ground.

Big World

Directed by David Morton and Fitz Cahall

As parents, how do we teach our kids that there is a world beyond social media, standardized tests and soccer practice? In April 2018, Eddie Bauer athlete David Morton and his seven-year-old son Thorne embarked on a week-long stand-up-paddleboard journey down the Karnali and Bheri Rivers in Western Nepal. David makes his living guiding some of the world’s most incredible peaks and Nepal is like a second home. He wanted to deepen Thorne’s understanding of the world beyond their Seattle neighborhood. Engaging with this world helps us grow. “There’s a basic paradox to parenting,” says David. “You have to keep your kids safe, but you have to teach them to take risks and follow curiosity. Life is undeniably richer with a little bit of daring.

Ode to Muir

Directed by Jeremy Jones

“Ode to Muir” follows Jeremy Jones throughout the Sierra Mountain range, exploring some of John Muir’s favorite locations and tackling some of the Sierra’s greatest objectives. Muir, who was known for his environmental advocacy and conservation, will provide part of the narrative. Jeremy will use Muir’s prolific words to create a heavy tone focused on celebrating what it took to protect these national lands, what effect these wild places have had on him, and what we must do to protect them.