November 9, 2019 | Brewvies Cinema Pub, Salt Lake City, Utah

Join us on November 9th for our second annual Winter Whiteout! We will be showing three films with epic stories about conquering fear and the strength of relationships built in the face of that fear. If you’re getting stoked seeing the snowflakes fly, get bundled up and join us on November 9th at the world-famous Brewvies Cinema Pub (sorry-21 and up only!).

Tickets are available at the link above, we’re all so excited to see you there!


Brotherhood of Skiing

Directed by Tyler Wilkinson-Ray & Colin Arisman

Since 1973, the National Brotherhood of Skiers has overcome barriers by bringing soul, smiles and a party to the mountain. Formed during the height of the civil rights movement, the organization is dedicated to creating a welcoming space for people of color on the slopes and supporting black youth in snow sports. Today, the Brotherhood hosts the largest gathering of black skiers in the United States and represents 53 ski clubs in four regions across the country and 3,000 members.

Ice Calling

Directed by Benjamín Soto Ferraris and Cristobal de Alba de la Peña

Despite living in a country where big ice formations are nonexistent, Héctor Ponce de Léon and Daniel Araiza, prepare themselves to become the first Mexican ice climbers to conquer Slipstream, a frozen waterfall a thousand meters high, located on the Canadian Rockies. This documentary short film narrates their path and the obstacles they must overcome to reach their dream.

The Curve of Time

Directed by Jordan Manley

Due to climate change, ski seasons will be markedly shorter by 2050. Lower elevations will receive significantly less snowfall. Two veteran professional skiers contemplate the impact their love for adventure has on the very environment that sustains and fulfills them. As they peer into the future, they realize there is a more sustainable path ahead, but it won’t be easy.

Fountain of Youth

Directed by Mike Douglas

Aging pro skier Mike Douglas heads to Japan to try to find the secrets to perpetual youth and longevity.