Every year, Wasatch Mountain Film Festival hosts special guest artists to display their nature-inspired art collections. When attending the festival, you will be able to walk through our Adventure Art Market and enjoy works from artists in the local, outdoor, and film communities. Check out the 2023 Artist Activations below. 

Artist Vendor Information


9th Annual Wasatch Mountain Film Festival is open to artists and creators with who draw inspiration from the outdoors. While we accept applicants from outside of Utah we do give priority to local applicants. The Wasatch Mountain Film Festival reserves the right to reject any applications which do not fall within or meet our guidelines. Any applicant who has applied and is found to not meet requirement parameters will have their application forfeited with no refund of their application fee.

Original Work Regulation:

All creations must be original. Upon submission of images, the artist guarantees the accuracy of the description of artwork presented and the authenticity of the artwork as original and created by their own hands. The Wasatch Mountain Film Festival Team reserves the right to reject any displays or items not in keeping with the character of the images submitted.

All artwork exhibited at the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival must be of the quality and style represented by the artist in images submitted with the application as well as of the media category for which they are accepted.

Commitment to Availability:

Artists must be present during the entire Wasatch Mountain Film Festival and should personally staff their space, as attendees are enthusiastic to meet, speak with and shop from local creators. No agents, dealers or representatives may attend the Market in place of the artist.

Application Fee:

Application Fee: Non-refundable $15, paid online as part of the digital application. The application fee goes towards the cost of administrative processing and jurying.

If the $15 fee presents a challenge, application fee support may be available. Interested applicants may send complete our contact form with a paragraph-length Statement Of Need prior to the application deadline.


  • Accessories: Bags, belts, hats, keychains, etc.

  • Apparel: Wearable works and clothing

  • Artwork: Two-dimensional work created using painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, digital art, collage, illustration, or other techniques

  • Baby & Child Products: Toys, children’s clothing, etc.

  • Bath, Body & Apothecary: Skincare, soap, body oils, etc.

  • Ceramics: Pottery and ceramic arts

  • Craft food: Pre-packaged edible goods made in a certified commercial kitchen

  • Embroidery and Fiber Arts: Embroidered hoops, sewn and knit objects, macrame, etc.

  • Home decor and housewares – candles, plant holders, wall hangings, clocks, furniture, cooking tools, dinnerware, etc.

  • Jewelry: Functional or decorative adornments and wearable trinkets (such as bracelets, necklaces, belts, headpieces and more)

  • Pet: Accessories designed for use by dogs, cats, or other household pets

  • Sculpture: Sculptural artworks made from clay, found/upcycled materials, glass, wood, ceramic or metal

  • Stationery: Paper goods, cards, journals, pens, etc.

  • Vintage: Vintage – curated clothing, furniture, and other items that predate 1990

Photographs in your Application:

Strong images of your work are valuable to your application. Focus on capturing images of five single products that can provide insight into your craftsmanship and creativity for the WMFF Team. Note: By providing these images, applicants give Wasatch Mountain Film Festival consent to use them in promotional materials if accepted.

Invited Artist and Vintage Vendor Fees*:

  • 5’x10’ Space: $200

  • 10’x10’ Space: $150

  • Shared 10’x10’ Space for Two Exhibitors: $125/each exhibitor – $250 total

Please note that both the one-time application fee and booth cost are non-refundable.

Exhibitor Space Info:

Wasatch Mountain Film Festival exhibitors will be placed outdoors in front of Industry SLC. We will be closing down the street for the art market, outoor brand activations and beer garden. 

  • 10’x10’ Space: 10’x10’ of designated space to set up a “shop” in the venue. No walls, tables or chairs provided. Exhibitors who have a large display and inventory to fill the space should apply for a 10’x10′ space. Exhibitor must bring a back wall that is no more than 7′ high by 10′ wide.

  • Shared 10’x10’ Space for Two Exhibitors: Includes a designated space of 10’x10′ to set up a small “shop” shared by two businesses that would like to exhibit together. Half of the cost will be invoiced to each coordinating business.

Space Sharing Policy:

Applicants in the Artist Section of the beer garden and vendor village  may opt to share 10’x10′ of floor space with one other individual exhibitor in this category (the “Shared 10’x10’ Space for Two Exhibitors” booth option). This will guarantee that the two artisans are placed in the same 10’x10′ area. Both exhibitors interested in sharing 10’x10′ of designated floor space must apply separately and both artisans must be accepted in order to share a space at the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival. On the application, both artisans must state with whom they would like to share. —this option is available only for 10’x10′ spaces. Only two exhibitors are allowed to share one 10’x10′ space.

About Electricity:

Due to the limited availability of electricity at the venue, it is difficult to accommodate a high volume of power users. WMFF is currently investigating and evaluating power availability but at this time options and pricing have not been finalized. 

Sales & Tax Information:

The Wasatch Mountain Film Festival provides vendor mailing addresses to the Utah State Tax Commission, so exhibitors can expect to receive their sales tax form via snail mail within 2 weeks after the event. For questions (or to request a replacement Special Event Tax Form should it not arrive), please contact the USTC at 801-297-6303 or Reporting accurate sales tax helps the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival track the economic impact our events have on the local economy. Please note that Wasatch Mountain Film Festival does not take any money from commission or sales of your works or products during the course of the Festival.

Exhibitor Responsibilities & Safety:

By applying and accepting the Wasatch Mountain Film Festivals invitation, all exhibitors agree to comply with the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival and venue rules & regulations.

The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for safeguarding of their products and their displays at the festival. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to insure their property. One available option that other local events have recommended is ACT Insurance, though it is up to the exhibitor to determine the best way to insure their property, and the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival assumes no responsibility in that decision.

The Wasatch Mountain Film Festival has the right to close the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival if any unforeseen circumstances occur that would affect the safety of the event attendees or vendors. Vendors are required to commit to being available for the full event at the time of application and during acceptance of their invitation. Late cancellations may affect the exhibitor’s future opportunity to participate in the Annual Wasatch Mountain Film Festival. By participating, the exhibitor understands that abuse of any kind is not welcome. Any individual who displays negative, crude, crass, belligerent or any other non-exemplary behavior that causes discomfort towards any person present at the Festival will be asked to leave. The Wasatch Mountain Film Festival reserves the right to determine what behaviors are deemed inappropriate and non-characteristic of the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival standards. We do not condone any racist, bigoted or unsafe behavior from any area of the event or within our community.

The exhibitor, when invited, agrees to hold harmless Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, Wasatch Mountain Arts, Wasatch Mountain Film Festival Coordinators, Volunteers, Employees, Board of Directors and the Venue and Venue Representatives, and Festival Sponsors for any damage, loss, or theft, to artwork, displays or other personal property, or injury to their person, regardless of cause resulting from their participation in this event. The exhibitor agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations set.