2020 Film Festival Selection

83 Degrees Ski the North

Category: Adventure & Exploration, Ski

Year: 2020
Country: Canada
Duration 0:54:00

Directors: Matthias Mayr
Production House: M-Line
Cinematographer: Johannes Aitzetmuller

Two adventures seeking the most beautiful and remote places on planet earth set out to ski the most northern slopes in the world, the Arctic Cordillera on Ellesmere Island, less than 800 kilometers away from the North Pole. Simply getting there is an adventure, as the north of Ellesmere Island isn’t only one of the most remote places on earth but also one of the coldest and is home to polar bears and arctic wolves. On their journey up north the two adventurers don’t only face major athletic challenges but also have to accept that they won’t be taking on the role of the alpha leader on this trip.

Screening History: 2020 Wasatch Mountain Film Festival

2020 Film Festival Selection

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