Q&A: Bhushan Thakkar

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Bhushan Thakkar directed 2021 WMFF feature “Returning Home.” We asked him a few questions, see our Q&A conversation below:

What is in your gear bag/kit?

For “Returning Home” I needed something small but had the dynamic range to capture the beauty of the environment. In the end, we used the Black Magic Pocket 6k camera with small cinema lenses. We also used a GH5s paired with a NinjaV recorder/monitor (to record in ProRes 10bit) on a gimbal. The drone we used was the Mavic Air 2 and to get the first person POV look we used a GoPro.

What item can you not live without?


It seems gear is changing so rapidly now becoming lighter, more versatile but the one constant I would say is gaff tape.

How do you choose music for your films?

Music is so important. When I’m not working with an artist to create a song, the first thing I do is, decide what genre I want for the project. For “Returning Home” I spent hours and hours searching for each song on a platform we subscribe to for music in our productions. It’s not always that hard to find the right song for a project, but in the end, I have to feel something when I hear the right song. What that “something” is, is hard to explain.

Most necessary character-quality for a director?


Each project is different, with different crew, different talent etc. what is always content is that there will be challenges. So I’d say the most necessary quality for a director is being a really good problem solver with thick skin.

Favorite on-set memory?

Some of my most favorite moments have been in Utah. Watching a lightning storm at the Salt Flats will always rank up at the top.

More About Bhushan Thakkar


Bhushan’s love of visual art and storytelling drew him to filmmaking early in life. In 2 decades Bhushan, having produced,directed and shot for commercial corporate medium, nature based content, as well as films for U.S. and international audiences, exemplifies his diverse experience. He has an authentic style, is self-taught, innovative, and an organic thinker. In 2011, he co-produced and was second unit director for the award winning romantic comedy “When Harry Tries to Marry”. In 2014, Bhushan directed “Glass”. Available on Amazon Prime Glass is a short film about two glass blowers from Kansas now living in Kauai, and the unlikely story that brought them there. Bhushan also shot for the award winning documentary “Same God” and was the cinematographer for Caipira, a documentary about a Brazilian guitar maker.