Each year, Wasatch Mountain Film Festival invites world renowned and local special guests, including speakers at the Mountain Speaker Series, hosts for the Adventure Filmmaker Workshop, guest presenters, filmmakers, film subjects, artists and other luminaries. Check out some of the the 2023 speakers and special guests below. 

2022 Speakers & Special Guests

Ben White

After an eye-opening injury, Ben White felt compelled use his healed body to make the most of the upcoming ski season. Embarking on an ambitious challenge to climb and ski all 22 of the Wasatch “11’teeners”, brought Ben back to the heart of why he skis. This was the adventure that would become The Wasatch 22 which he co-directed with Asher Brown in 2021.

Asher Brown

Asher Brown is a DP and 1st AC based out of Salt Lake City, UT. He co-directed The Wasatch 22 with Ben White in 2021. Asher grew up adventuring and skiing in New Hampshire before he was drawn west to Salt Lake City. He met Ben White in the paragliding community in the summer of 2020 and they have been buddies ever since. 

Heather Mosher

Heather Mosher is a documentary filmmaker and climber based in Squamish, BC. A multi-talented director, producer, cinematographer, and editor, she gets fired up telling true stories that matter, digging deeper to uncover new perspectives in the world of mountain sports while exploring universal themes that anyone can relate to.

Tim Behuniak

Whether it’s changing a car tire with the last spare on a dirt road miles from the nearest sign of civilization, climbing rocks in a foreign location, dawn patrols before work or simply exploring his own backyard, Tim has completely centered his life around both big and small adventures. A long-time photographer, Tim began producing and directing films in 2021.

Mike Douglas

Known as the ‘Godfather Of Freeskiing’, Mike Douglas is consistently listed by media outlets as one of the most influential skiers of all time. In 2004, Mike founded Switchback Entertainment – a video production company specializing in outdoor adventure films and commercials. He launched the groundbreaking web series, Salomon TV, in 2007 and has produced/directed more than a dozen award-winning films including The Freedom Chair, Tempting Fear, Eclipse, Snowman, Guilt Trip and Fountain Of Youth.

Graham Zimmerman

Zimmerman is a multi-disciplined content producer who excels with complex logistics and strategy. He thrives under pressure while utilizing clear communication and management. The outcome is excellence in marketing through a symbiosis between athletes, influencers, scientists, creatives, policy wonks, and content programs.

As an alpinist, he holds leadership roles in a variety of organizations and has won several prestigious awards, including the gold medal of alpinism (the Piolet d’Or) for first ascents on four continents.
He has climbed new routes in the Pakistani Karakoram, shot films on the volcanoes of the Atacama desert, and has very successfully led projects with brands and organizations including REI, Direct TV, and Outside.

Michael James Brown

A Salt Lake City native, director Michael James Brown is one of the filmmakers behind a slew of award winning films including Valhalla, Afterglow, Darklight, and many more. Working to push boundaries in storytelling and cinematography, he captures stories around the world in documentary and adventure filmmaking. When not framing up a composition or distilling an editing timeline, he is likely to be found in pursuit of powder, singletrack, or peaks.