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Dear Potential Sponsor,

Greetings from Utah, home of the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival. I’m very excited at your interest in our organization. In the packet below, you will find an in-depth outline of information about our organization and the benefits of sponsorship.

By sponsoring the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival your organization will be helping to forge strong bonds between community and the outdoors. By facilitating these bonds you will help create a lasting connection with the last remaining wild place on this earth. Creating a connection is the first step towards protecting these places we all love and cherish in the adventure community.

Our audiences, at both the week-long festival in Salt Lake City/Park City and on our tour, are diverse but connected in their passion for the lifestyle we promote. The Wasatch Mountain Film Festival provides a vision that is grounded, clear, intelligent and, most importantly, inspirational.

If  our vision interests you, please contact me directly to explore the sponsorship options and opportunities. I look forward to the conversation.

Stuart Derman
Wasatch Mountain Arts
Co-Founder & Executive Director

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