Wasatch Mountain Film Festival

Each year the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival screens the adventure and environmental documentaries from around the world. Even with so many amazing films, some stand out above the rest. Wasatch makes 7 award announcements each year. If you would like to learn more about the awards please scroll down.

Shane McConkey Award

This award was created in honor of the late Shane McConkey who was a visionary and a pioneer in outdoor film and the world of adventure.  This award represents the best adventure short film of the year. The Wasatch Mountain Film Festival has partnered with the Shane McConkey Foundation present this award each year. We are honored to present preserve Shane’s memory and his passion for outdoor film.

Feature Film Award

While much of the outdoor world consists of short films each year we receive feature-length films that blow us away. This award is to celebrate those films that are a bit longer and more complex to create.

Cinematography Award

An enormous part of any film is cinematography. The art of composing and developing visually stunning scenes resonates deeply within outdoor film. This award is to celebrate those that take striking visual work to the next level.

Environmental Awareness Award

Conservation has always been at the core of the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival. We created this award to recognize films that promoted sustainability and the message of conservation. These stories have made a positive impact on the environment and our world.

Social Awareness Award

The Social Awareness Award is given to a film that sheds light on cultural issues or challenges our belief on a topic. This new award is exciting and we are excited to see where it goes.

People’s Choice Award

Chosen by those who attended the festival, this award recognizes the crowd favorite of the year.

George Mallory Award

Voted on by Wasatch Mountain Art’s Board of Directors, this award is given a person or persons who have pushed the boundaries of the human experience and redefined what we believe possible. Scroll down to learn more about the award and previous recipients.

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